Yılmaz Machine has maintained its communication with its business partners and customers without interruption in the past two years.

The new showroom area, designed and implemented by Terminal, is constantly used for online presentations, interviews and live broadcast promotions, and Yılmaz Machine takes customer relations and communication to the next level.

Burkhardt Leitner display systems were used in the gift shop section designed and implemented by the Terminal Space Solution Center.

With its light aluminum structure, illuminated surfaces and LED hidden shelves, the clic system has been preferred because of its ability to exhibit the best by concealing itself in an old museum building.

Terminal Design offers the most comprehensive space divider systems and products for creating safer, more isolated spaces in homes and offices.

Slimpan Mobile Office can be moved easily with its structure on wheels, and it becomes your home office by providing a more isolated and concentrated workspace with its movable and lockable side covers.

In these days when the event sector is closed and companies cannot promote their products and services at fairs, corporate promotion areas and showroom spaces gain much more importance.

Terminal Design designed and implemented the private meeting section of the Borusan BMW Showroom using Burkhardt Leitner systems.

212 Photography Istanbul became the center of attention for photography lovers for 10 days in 5 different venues.

The exhibitions held within the scope of the festival took place with Terminal Design project management and spatial solutions.

With the aim of creating safer, more isolated spaces in homes and offices, Terminal Design produces solutions with the most comprehensive space divider systems and products.

Lucca / Bebek chose to use transparent separation units designed and produced by Terminal and opened its season by taking Covid-19 measures.

“Dokuz Eylül University Flag Science and Turkish Flags Museum” was opened in the 98th anniversary of İzmir's liberation. As Terminal Design team, who prepared the exhibition, the design management of which was made by the museum director Ömer Durmaz, we are pleased with the contribution we made.

Modular architectural systems that redefine the office. And as a good team they meet the spatial, organizational and communicative requirements of the office of the future. They create flexible, temporary architecture in lofts, industrial buildings or in public spaces.

Seperated Offices

The architecture system pila petite as the building structure for a temporary hospital - that has never been seen in the history of burkhardt leitner systems.

Great respect for this relief effort goes to the building authorities of the State of Vorarlberg (Austria), Marte.Marte Architects and Standpunkt - all from the Vorarlberg region.