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Terminal, is the starting point in the spatial design process. Designed as a venue to guide the course of design journeys, Terminal is equipped with everything necessary to trigger the imagination of designers, develop original ideas and produce creative designs for spaces.

Terminal presents spatial systems, unique products and solutions to meet the needs of commercial and cultural spaces, including offices, fair stands, shops and showrooms. With its dynamic design team to provide support, Terminal is a springboard for the spatial design process.

"Everyone who formulates their own design at Terminal is part of a creative team"

As a platform generating unique solutions and providing services for individual projects, Terminal is ready to share the task of problem solving with designers and clients by means of our design, installation, materials library, graphic printing and consultancy services.

"A sphere of perception and decision-making in design"

"Materials library and information bank"

At the Terminal showroom spatial solutions employing different brand systems combined in consistent and unified ways are displayed. Seeing actual examples on a one-to-one scale illustrates the infinite variety offered by the systems, thereby sparking the designer’s imagination.

One of the services offered by Terminal’s designers is a materials library. Here examples of new materials developed by the latest technologies throughout the world are on show, allowing architects and designers to touch, compare and choose the right materials for the right space.

Akin Nalca Publications

Exploration of new avenues in design literature"

The book project started under the name of Akin Nalca Publications will continue within the structure of Terminal. It consists of books which are ‘’design objects’’. A series of books with concept and graphic design by Bulent Erkmen are based on different design disciplines. These books demonstrate that books can also be designed as products, and aim to incorporate new values into our design literature.

As a venue for designers to share ideas and seek solutions, Terminal provides support to universities and other institutions by means of solutions relating to presentation and spatial design for their social responsibility projects. Terminal is continuing to make a cultural contribution, following the example of Akin Nalca and his team, who were dedicated to supporting cultural and design events.



2017 - Exhibitor Magazine’s
Exhibit Design Awards - Designer Category - Bronze
2017 - ExhibitorLive Euroshop Awards
Best Stand - Burkhardt Leitner - Finalist
2012 - YEM Altın Mıknatıs
Amacına En Uygun Tasarlanmış Stand - VİKO (mansiyon)
2011 - YEM Altın Mıknatıs
Amacına En Uygun Tasarlanmış Stand - Jotun Boya
2011 - YEM Altın Mıknatıs
Amacına En Uygun Tasarlanmış Stand - VİKO
2008 - Design Turkey
Üstün tasarım ödülü - Planner


International Federation of Exhibition and Event Services (IFES)
German Trade and Industry Chamber (AHK)
Experiential Designers and Producers Association (EDPA)
Endüstriyel Tasarımcılar Meslek Kuruluşu (ETMK)
Sergileme ve Stand Tasarımcıları Derneği (SSTD)
Grafik Tasarımcılar Meslek Kuruluşu (GMK)